This is episode 37 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.


This week, Pam is excited to bring you another fantastic guest — Cortney Bohr! Cortney is a top 10 money earner at It Works! Global. In fact, she is the first person in the history of It Works to make it to the top of the company twice! At only 24 years old, Cortney seems to have come on to the scene out of nowhere!


Cortney was born and raised in Martin City, Missouri, a small town with a population under 1,000. She originally joined It Works in April, 2014, when she was only 19 years old. Back then, she was going to school full-time while also juggling two jobs. Before she started in this industry, she always knew she wanted to work in the health field, so discovering It Works aligned perfectly with her passions!


In this week’s episode, Pam and Cortney discuss her passion for industry, what some of the hardest obstacles have been during her journey, how she has managed to overcome self-limiting beliefs, what it really means to “work hard,” and what it means to be authentic. Cortney also gives a sneak peak into what a day-in-the-life is like for her, the traits she looks for in those she recruits, and how she “stays in the game” — bringing her best self to work everyday!


Key Takeaways

[:32] About today’s episode with Cortney Bohr!

[1:01] Cortney’s background and her backstory with It Works.

[3:25] Did Cortney join It Works prior to understanding the industry?

[4:02] When did Cortney discover what the industry was all about?

[4:55] How did Cortney overcome being an introvert?

[6:12] If Cortney hadn’t discovered this industry, where would she be today?

[8:03] What has been the hardest obstacle for Cortney to overcome during her journey?

[9:04] Is there a secret sauce that others have that we don’t? How do we see success?

[10:37] What is “working hard?”

[11:30] Has Cortney ever been frozen in fear? Scared of making those calls?

[12:49] How does Cortney overcome self-limiting thoughts?

[14:14] What is “hard work?” Is it really that hard?

[15:48] What a day of work is like for Cortney.

[18:07] The specific traits Cortney looks for in those who would be good in this industry.

[19:12] Cortney’s advice to those who are struggling to be authentic.

[20:53] What does Cortney think the future of social media will be like?

[21:10] Does Cortney find that people still don’t know about It Works?

[21:53] If a new distributor joined Cortney’s team today, what are the first steps she would have them do?

[24:12] Does Cortney find that people who are determined are going to get to it regardless of the help they receive?

[24:50] Is Cortney a mass-recruiter or does she only bring in a few people per month?

[25:02] Is a big part of this industry about building relationships?

[25:56] How does Cortney feel when she wakes up in the morning because of this industry?

[28:08] How does Cortney overcome the negativity of others?

[30:34] How does Cortney “stay in the game” and overcome business-related issues?

[34:07] What message would Cortney like to give to listeners?

[36:25] Cortney’s author recommendation.


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