This is episode 62 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.


Today’s episode is all about the industry of network marketing, direct sales, social selling, influencer marketing — this industry has many names! Either way, Pam loves it. And she not only loves it because of what it did for her but for what it’s doing for thousands of others. Through network marketing, you can be, do, and have anything you want in life! Is there any other industry, business, or job that can give you the flexibility a network marketing business can give you? Pam can’t think of one! Through network marketing, the possibilities are endless — it can truly bring you to unlimited heights and take you to wherever you want to be!


The wild thing is though, network marketing is also probably the most misunderstood industry! So today, Pam wants is going to clear some things up and give you the lowdown on why this industry is truly incredible!


Key Takeaways

[:31] About today’s episode!

[1:11] Why does Pam love the industry so much?

[1:55] Pam’s background with getting started in the industry and how it changed her life.

[5:43] How to build confidence and work through the challenges in this industry.

[10:14] Why Pam loves this industry and you will too (if you don’t already)!

[14:58] Pam gives some examples of why network marketing is so incredible.

[17:07] Don’t give up on living and sharing the dream! This industry provides everything you need!


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