This is episode 103 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.

This week on the podcast, Pam Sowder is welcoming back an incredible return guest, SheriLynn Alcala! Pam met SheriLynn about six years ago when she was just starting to work her It Works! business. She got to witness her power through the ranks and achieve her dreams right from the very beginning! SheriLynn is now at the top of It Works!, making millions for her family of five.

SheriLynn has just written her first book You Can Do Hard Things, a guide to ditching your excuses and achieving your dreams! She exposes the common excuses that hold women back from going after their dreams and shares specific, practical strategies that she has personally used to overcome the excuses that held her back in starting her business, releasing her past, and dreaming big. Her prayer is that women everywhere will read her book and begin to let go of any and all excuses that are holding them back from achieving their dreams; and instead, replacing it with the truth that with God, we can do anything.

In this episode, SheriLynn shares the story behind her first book and offers incredible advice around finding the balance between running your business and managing a busy household!


Key Takeaways

[:07] About today’s episode with return guest, SheriLynn Alcala!

[1:22] Pam welcomes SheriLynn Alcala to the podcast!

[1:53] Why did SheriLynn decide to name her first book You Can Do Hard Things?

[3:07] SheriLynn shares about her children and how they have been her reason to go after her dreams rather than the reason to not go after her dreams.

[4:26] How SheriLynn found the time in a busy household to not only run her business but write a book, too!

[6:44] How SheriLynn carves out time specifically for herself and her family in her busy schedule.

[8:37] SheriLynn elaborates on her quote from her book, “We just have to replace the excuses that keep us from our dreams with the truth that enables us to reach our full potential.”

[10:50] SheriLynn elaborates on another great quote from her book, “When we bring our gifts to the world, even though they might not feel like much, we are bettering the world through our offering.”

[12:32] SheriLynn expresses how incredible the opportunity of network marketing truly is.

[14:31] SheriLynn speaks about her early days in network marketing and the challenges that she overcame.

[17:21] SheriLynn shares her advice on how listeners can find the balance in doing everything they want and having everything they want!

[20:42] SheriLynn shares about some of the wonderful feedback she has been getting from readers on her book.

[23:44] SheriLynn shares about the imperfections in her life as well as what’s next on her roadmap!

[26:00] Pam highlights the importance of following your dreams.

[26:42] Where to find SheriLynn and her book online!

[28:00] Pam thanks SheriLynn Alcala for joining the podcast and congratulates her on her new book!


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