This is episode 117 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.

Pam cannot wait to introduce you to today’s fantastic guest — Vanessa Ortali! Vanessa has been a serial entrepreneur her entire life and is adamant about making a genuine contribution to the world around her. Throughout her career, she has worked with and trained many fortune 500 companies, leaders, and celebrities. She is a business school graduate, licensed coach; and expert in events, self-development, community building, and connecting others. In 2016, she founded The Ladies Community; a sisterhood of wonder women that connects leaders, entrepreneurs, and boss babes who are on a mission for more. Since its founding, TLC has grown into an international company with more than 20,000+ members and is on track to quickly become the #1 online network for women globally!

In this episode, Vanessa shares invaluable tips, techniques, tools, and insights around what it takes to cultivate a millionaire mindset. She shares the #1 way to make your check grow, the four steps to implementing a mindset of prosperity, how to reshape your money mindset from old limiting beliefs and programming, and how you can raise your vibration to attract more money, success, and happiness in your life!


Vanessa brings so much to this podcast so get ready to listen in and take notes!


Key Takeaways

[:00] About today’s episode with Vanessa Ortali!

[1:00] Pam welcomes Vanessa to the podcast!

[1:17] Vanessa introduces herself, her backstory, her passions, and her company, The Ladies Community.

[1:53] The importance of finding the balance in your masculine and feminine energies.

[4:19] The difference between those satisfied and happy in their lives and those constantly grinding and never satisfied in the moment.

[5:54] The three questions Vanessa asks herself in order to set herself up on the path of improvement.

[8:16] The #1 way to make your check rise: Ask: ‘How could my customer be happier? What can I do for my customer to make them happier?’

[9:17] Principles of the millionaire mindset and why this abundant mindset is critical to your success.

[10:23] How to get into the prosperity mindset (even if you can’t cover your bills!)

[12:04] The four steps to implementing a millionaire mindset.

[15:19] Understanding vibrations and the law of attraction.

[17:21] Vanessa’s tips for shifting a negative mindset to a millionaire mindset.

[21:01] Reshaping your money mindset from old limiting beliefs and programming.

[26:52] How to shift into a positive vibration and generate more happiness.

[31:45] Vanessa shares her favorite resources and recommendations for self-improvement.

[35:27] What it means to ‘get into the flow’ and how we can get into the flow.

[39:06] How Vanessa keeps her mental state healthy with regards to social media and current news.

[42:11] Vanessa shares some encouraging parting words for listeners.


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