This is episode 17 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.


This week, Pam is incredibly excited to introduce you to Denise Walsh, her good friend for over a decade! She is a Black Diamond with It Works Global (which means she has made an excess of $100,000 a month for six months in a row!) She has helped millions achieve their dreams and is living out her own dreams everyday!


This episode is full of actionable tips and tricks you can use today as well as tons of nuggets of wisdom and insider information on how to best apply yourself within your business. Denise talks about how she has grown in this business, the pivotal moments that have helped her reach her goals, routines and habits that were foundational in her success, and the pitfalls she has avoided in keeping up with her business and goals. She also gives her tips in how to stop fearing the unknown, break out of our money mindset, get unstuck, quiet the negative self talk, and ultimately retrain our brain for success!


Key Takeaways

[:31] Pam introduces her guest this week, Denise Walsh.

[1:10] Pam welcomes Denise to the podcast.

[1:30] Denise’s backstory: what she was doing before It Works, what led her to It Works, and her journey to reaching Black Diamond.

[3:09] How Denise has grown in this business, personally and professionally.

[4:52] Denise’s journey and challenges trying to reach Black Diamond and the pivotal moment that helped her reach it.

[9:16] What Denise considers the most important question to ask in order to improve yourself and grow your business.

[12:16] Why do we worry ourselves sick and fear the unknown? How do you overcome it?

[14:07] How do we reprogram ourselves from negative past experiences?

[16:27] Denise’s journal and morning routine that was foundational to her success.

[22:39] How to quiet our inner bully and retrain our brain.

[25:55] Pam’s journaling tip for ridding negative self talk.

[27:09] How do we achieve that next level of success and not stay stuck?

[30:47] How to shift your money mindset!

[33:33] Denise’s challenge to you: write a letter to money!

[34:40] What can people do right now to get unstuck with their money mindset?

[35:45] How do mindsets affect our overall being and success in life?

[36:57] An exercise Denise wants you to try in order to become what you want to become.

[37:50] Why forming positive, productive habits and making small shifts in your everyday routine can be so crucial to your overall success.

[40:50] Pitfalls Denise has managed to avoid when first starting her non-traditional work schedule.

[43:28] About Denise’s Dream Life series.

[45:44] If you have any questions for Denise or Pam, be sure to tweet them: @ItWorksPam and @neesiewalsh.


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