This is episode 93 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.


Join Pam in this episode for an exclusive Zoom call where she talks about increasing your wealth! With everything happening in the world right now around the COVID-19 pandemic it can be easy to let the opportunity of improving your business slide — but it doesn’t have to be that way! In today’s episode, Pam is sharing how to not only keep your business alive and well during this time but to actually take advantage of this time and vastly improve your business and wealth overall!


You can either look at this time as “doomsday” or an opportunity — Pam hopes you choose ‘opportunity’ with her!


And be sure to tune in next week where Pam continues the conversation in part 2!


Key Takeaways

[:31] Pam introduces this episode’s topic of discussion.

[4:14] The first mindset pieces you need to put in place to be able to increase your wealth.

[6:19] How you can leverage social media (especially TikTok) right now to boost your business!

[7:05] The right questions to ask to get you and your business to the next level.

[10:24] How to achieve more volume per customer.

[11:03] Why you need to be ‘host a post’ing!

[11:58] Are you the chicken or the egg?

[12:58] The importance of knowing where you’re going.

[14:08] Pam explains why you need to have your auto-ship set up.

[15:01] Pam outlines the early steps to success in It Works!

[16:12] How to get out of fear and overcome your shame and doubts.

[19:50] Only you can determine your success! How to follow your roadmap and not let “No’s” deter you.

[22:34] Pam asks her Zoom chat: “What is TFX + a skinny brew? What is the total BV on that?” And then asks several follow-up questions to highlight the importance of understanding the math, the BV, and the art of duplication.

[25:30] Why your team isn’t promoting or getting customers.

[28:12] Why you need to be asking yourself bigger and better questions!


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