This is episode 147 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.

Today, Pam is joined by an extremely exciting guest — the Pinterest Pro herself, Alissa Meredith! Alisa is a huge believer in the power of visual marketing and has seen for herself the massive transformations that take place when a business utilizes Pinterest.

In this episode, Alisa shares all of her Pinterest tips, tricks, and knowledge so you can leverage it to increase your sales, attract new leads, and grow your audience! She shares how Pinterest can work closely with your content marketing, how you can use Pinterest in conjunction with the other social media platforms you are currently leveraging, how to network more effectively using Pinterest, and how to be as effective as possible with your pins! If you’ve never thought to use Pinterest before, this is a not-to-miss episode to learn all about how truly powerful this tool can be!


Key Takeaways

[:30] About today’s conversation with Alisa Meredith!

[1:37] About Alisa and how her interest in Pinterest began!

[3:03] How to draw in leads via Pinterest.

[4:30] Alisa speaks about a client she has had and how Pinterest elevated their business.

[6:06] Alisa’s Do’s and Do Not’s for those using Pinterest in the nutrition industry.

[7:00] How to use Pinterest in conjunction with the other social media platforms you use.

[8:00] Alisa suggests some ideas for pins to create on Pinterest.

[9:30] The key to pinning success on Pinterest.

[11:06] Where you should start if you’re new to the platform.

[12:47] About Pam’s book, Rich Girl Poor Girl.

[13:09] Other platforms and tools to keep in mind outside of Pinterest.

[15:49] The importance of consistency.

[16:29] How to network without ‘doing the work’ (and see massive results!)

[18:35] Alisa highlights some current trends she is seeing.

[19:51] How Tailwind makes pin creation faster, easier, and more successful.

[20:33] Alisa gives some recommendations and advice to the busy mom entrepreneur who wants to be a rising star in her company.

[23:04] Weighing the pros and cons of using Facebook and Clubhouse.

[24:24] Alisa gives some final key pieces of advice on Pinterest and why you want to be utilizing it for content marketing.

[27:38] A cool thing that Pinterest does annually: Pinterest Predicts, and how it can help you.

[29:30] Pam thanks Alisa Meredith for joining the podcast!


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