This is episode 97 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.


Pam is so excited about this week’s episode because joining her today is Zach Hayes! Zach and his wife, Brittani, are the total dream team of It Works! Together, they found major success in the business by working hard every day to achieve their goals. And with five kids to look after, they’ve found the perfect balance to working their business while still finding time for the family!


In this episode, Zach is sharing his invaluable tips and advice around building up your confidence, showing up as your most authentic self, and moving past negative mindsets around money! He shares how he and Brittani overcame their early rough patches in the business, how they balance work and family, and what they do every day to make their days successful!


Key Takeaways

[:32] Pam welcomes listeners to another #AskPam episode and shares how to submit questions.

[:50] Pam welcomes Zach to the podcast!

[1:01] Zach speaks about what he was doing before joining It Works!

[2:15] Who discovered It Works! first? Was it Brittani or Zach? And why did they decide to get involved?

[3:19] What were Zach’s first thoughts about network marketing prior to joining?

[4:09] Zach speaks about what their first few months were like after joining It Works!

[5:27] How did Zach have the belief and confidence that they were going to succeed in the business?

[6:33] Did finding It Works! bring fun and a sense of purpose back into his life?

[7:38] How did Zach and Brittani handle an unsupportive family?

[9:51] Showing up big on social media: how do Zach and Brittani do it?

[10:40] Growing up, did Zach have any negative mindsets around money? How did he overcome them or change his mind?

[11:21] Zach takes listeners through a day-in-the-life for him and Brittani!

[13:05] Zach speaks about the compensation plan and shares what he believes played the biggest role in regards to his check!

[14:40] When Zach looks at the bigger picture and what’s potentially possible in the business, does he see any limitations?

[15:49] Because Zach and Brittani are both the breadwinners in the family, do they feel like they are setting a good example for their children?

[17:42] When Zach looks at his team as a whole, why does he think some of them don’t reach their goals?

[20:24] How do Zach and Brittani successfully share their message with the world through social media? What are some tips of the trade that have made them especially successful on social media?

[22:42] How can we be our authentic selves? How do we find it if we don’t even know what it is? Zach shares his insights and advice!

[24:11] How does Zach help his team learn to be their authentic selves? And what are some of the key traits you need to develop to be able to show up as your most authentic self?

[25:21] Does Brittani ever get bored of telling her story or showing up? What keeps her motivated?

[26:37] Do Brittani and Zach work all day? How do they balance work and their 5 kids?

[27:30] How does Zach stay above fear? Especially in these trying times?

[29:11] Zach shares an important message with listeners around growth, mindset, and success in this business.

[30:00] Has Zach or Brittani ever felt like giving up while they were in the business? How did they continue to push through?

[31:21] Zach provides his tips and advice on what makes a successful TikTok!

[34:00] Zach shares what he would like his 5 children to know about him and his wife.

[34:39] Zach shares a message with his wife.

[35:11] Pam closes out the podcast and thanks Zach for joining!


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