This is episode 85 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.


You won’t believe who Pam is back with this week! That’s right — it’s Jessica Papineau! Jessica is a personal stylist and shopper who offers on-set styling for photoshoots, weddings, special events, and more through her business, Customized Styling by Jessica! She even customizes complete wardrobes by editing the closet, putting together outfits, and creating a full wardrobe lookbook. She helps women look and feel their best and believes that fashion and beauty is not a destination — but a journey!


In this episode, Jessica is — of course — talking all about fashion! Would you be surprised to hear that fashion plays a HUGE role in you upping your game and mindset around your business? Well, it does! Fashion plays a key role in setting you up for success, incredible growth, and a confident mindset!


“It’s time to start fresh for 2020 and look great, feel great, and be successful!” — Jessica Papineau


Key Takeaways

[:32] About today’s fantastic return guest, Jessica Papineau!

[1:14] How do clothes play into upping your game and mindset?

[2:03] Why do we hoard old clothing that we haven’t worn in forever?

[4:05] Jessica gives a step-by-step of what you can do at home to revamp your wardrobe!

[6:34] Why do we tend to buy up or down a size more than what we really are? How can we avoid this and instead get a proper fit?

[8:06] Getting back to Jessica’s step-by-step, she shares what we can do with our clothing as we go through it piece-by-piece.

[9:27] What to do once you’ve cleared out the clothing that is no longer serving you.

[10:57] Why we should quit buying cheap clothing and truly invest in our closet.

[13:09] Jessica’s key tips for optimizing your wardrobe.

[14:21] How to keep up with fashion trends while not overdoing it.

[16:15] How to seek out age-appropriate clothing.

[18:33] How to look stylish and put-together when you go out!

[21:29] What we can do to up our fashion game in 2020.

[24:37] How to transition your morning look to an evening look.

[27:16] How to identify your own unique style.

[29:27] Do we all struggle with body image? How can we start to have a healthier image of ourselves?

[34:30] How we can dress for our future, even healthier, self?

[37:02] Overcoming fear and finding the courage to wear the clothing that gives you power.

[40:00] How can we find this higher dollar item that gives us power?

[41:57] Jessica’s tips for what you can do RIGHT NOW to up your fashion game!

[44:42] Pam thanks Jessica for joining the podcast!


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