This is episode 88 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.


This week on the podcast, Pam Sowder is joined by Mira Denning! Mira is the single mom of one little boy and a former lawyer who joined the industry exactly 5 years ago. Before she came to the industry, she was climbing the corporate ladder. From the outside looking in, you would’ve never guessed that she needed the extra income. But behind the scenes, she was struggling and in serious debt. After a year went by of watching her to-be enroller she decided that something had to change — she was going to give this network marketing thing a shot! She soon realized how real this opportunity was and has never looked back since!


In today’s episode, Mira is sharing all of the lessons she has learned in her 5-year journey in network marketing! She addresses misconceptions around the industry, how to overcome shame, what to focus on when you’re new to the business, and how simplicity duplicates. She also speaks about her personal experiences as a single mother, how to get over mom guilt, and how to “get over yourself” to reach new heights of success! You won’t want to miss hearing Mira’s advice!


Key Takeaways

[:31] Pam welcomes Mira Denning to the podcast!

[:55] Mira introduces herself and shares how long she has been a part of the network marketing industry!

[3:28] Before joining the industry, why was Mira hiding her debt?

[4:55] Why do people tend to have a misconception about this industry?

[8:13] What does Mira think holds people back from joining the industry?

[9:24] How shame holds us back.

[9:54] Mira tells more of her personal story in the industry related to being a single mother.

[13:20] Mira gives her perspective as a single mother on how to get out of mommy guilt.

[17:13] Mira speaks about how this opportunity is also great for your kids.

[19:10] Has Mira always seen herself as a leader? And what has she gained personally from working this business?

[21:35] How did Mira push through the early days of working her business when the income was low?

[24:14] Is there enough money to go around in this business? And what should people just starting out in the business be focusing on?

[26:33] Mira gives her thoughts on some of the newest It Works! products!

[28:57] Mira shares how she helps someone new starting out.

[31:40] Do launch parties still work? How does Mira get people excited about the products?

[34:34] The importance of simplicity — and how it duplicates!

[38:18] Mira shares what she has had to ‘get over’ to find success (and help others find success)!

[43:00] How does Mira feel about herself today now that she’s 5 years into the business?

[43:34] Mira reflects on her recent move to Florida!

[45:05] Pam thanks Mira for sharing her story on today’s podcast!


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