This is episode 111 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.

Listeners: you’re in luck once again! Pam is joined by special guest, Denise Walsh, for the second time on the podcast! Denise is a Black Diamond with It Works! Global (which means she has achieved a feat. that only TWO others in the company have accomplished!) She has reached a position which requires that you earn an excess of $100,000/month for six months in a row! But Denise is so much more than her status; she has also written several incredible books, such as, Retire Your Husband: A Mom’s Guide to Making Millions With Network Marketing and Design Your Dream Life: An Inspired Action Plan for Getting Unstuck and Becoming Your Best Self. Her most recent book, Dream Life Teen Journal, is an incredible guide for teens, but after listening to today’s episode, you’ll want to grab a copy for yourself!

In this episode, Pam and Denise are talking about Denise’s newest book and the important lessons your teenager (and YOU!) can learn from it. Denise shares many of the key points and lessons on affirmations, visualizations, creating small action steps every day to stay consistent, and overcoming self-doubts and limiting beliefs. She also shares a ton of practical advice and wisdom on how you can begin to step into your power and take ownership of your actions and mindset so that you can achieve the success that you’re after!


Key Takeaways

[:00] About today’s episode with special guest, Denise Walsh!

[1:04] Pam welcomes Denise to the podcast.

[1:33] About Denise’s newest book, Dream Life Teen Journal, and how it is different from the other books in her Dream Life series.

[3:30] How Denise has seen the Dream Life Teen Journal benefit both parents and teens.

[7:20] How the Dream Journal can be incredibly beneficial for husband/wife teams, and what Denise’s hopes are for teens reading the Dream Life Teen Journal.

[8:44] Why building our “dreaming muscle” is so incredibly crucial to achieving success.

[10:07] How we can actualize our dreams through visualization and getting clear on what we want!

[14:14] Why we first need to change ourselves before we can change the world; “Being before doing.”

[17:17] How we can get into a place of inspiration and motivation; i.e. ‘the zone!’

[21:20] Denise shares how she overcame moments of doubt and self-limiting beliefs.

[23:09] Why has Denise found herself in these moments of self-doubt? What does she do when there is a gap between where she is and where she wants to go?

[25:21] What can we do to no longer let our past programming hold us back, but instead, empower us?

[27:40] How writing a book has helped Denise feel empowered.

[29:52] Has Denise blamed others or placed herself as a victim? How did she get out of this mindset, take ownership, and reclaim her power?

[32:11] How we can flip the script of “I can’t get any distributors!”

[34:24] Are you speaking life or death into your team? Denise offers her tips on how to bring life and motivation into your team and to be before you do.

[36:50] How to increase your state of ‘being’.

[39:12] The power in affirmations and creating success habits.

[41:10] Denise shares some parting words of wisdom for listeners!


Mentioned in this Episode

It Works

Denise Walsh

Retire Your Husband: A Moms Guide to Making Millions With Network Marketing, by Denise Walsh, Kami Dempsey, and Bailey Walsh

Design Your Dream Life: An Inspired Action Plan for Getting Unstuck and Becoming Your Best Self, by Denise Walsh

Dream Life Teen Journal: A 30-Day Guide to Escaping the Drama and Chasing Your Best Life, by Denise Walsh

Pam Sowder Podcast Ep. 90: “Black Diamond Denise Walsh on Staying LaserFocused About Reaching Your Goals!”


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