This is episode 86 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.


This week, Pam is joined by Mike Lemire and Brandy Bright! Mike and Brandy are an amazing couple who have grown together with It Works! Global! Together, they’ve promoted to Triple Diamond in three months, Presidential Diamond in six months, and Ambassador Diamond in only ten months! They’ve even already landed in the top 20 within the company a few times!


Before It Works, Brandy was a military wife and a single mom. She had tried a few MLMs but never quite found her home until It Works. Mike is a former marine who was recruited into the network marketing industry 24 years ago. He had been at the top of two direct sales companies when he decided to plant his flagpole at It Works! Together as a couple, Brandy and Mike want to build up a residual income that will be there for their children’s children — fostering an environment where they can all grow.


In this episode, Mike and Brandy are sharing their tips, tricks, and advice about the industry. They know that balancing work, a relationship, and your family is busy work and they want to help you on your path to achieving greatness!


Key Takeaways

[:32] Pam introduces this week’s special guests!

[2:03] Pam welcomes Mike and Brandy on to the podcast!

[2:12] Brandy shares her experiences from past MLMs and explains why they didn’t work out.

[3:35] Mike shares why he decided to settle down with It Works! Global.

[4:50] Why the old saying of, “You’ve got to get in early,” is simply not true!

[6:24] Did Mike always have such a humble attitude?

[8:19] Brandy chimes in and gives her thoughts around the importance of staying humble.

[9:26] What have Mike and Brandy learned from each other while working their businesses? And what is it like to work with your spouse?

[14:13] Mike gives his perspective on why he thinks It Works! doesn’t attract some of the more ‘old school’ network marketers.

[16:12] How Mike has seen the industry change in the last few years.

[18:45] Have Mike or Brandy experienced bringing on people who ‘ghost’ them later? How have they dealt with it?

[35:25] Pam explains the ‘go neutral’ method and why it is so important.

[24:28] Brandy shares why she thinks people leave.

[26:53] The qualities of those who stick with it and get to the top — and how you can help them too!

[29:49] How Brandy and Mike balance work, their relationship, and their children!

[35:12] Is it truly possible to have residual income coming in for your children’s children, creating generational wealth?

[39:03] Mike shares their ambitious vision for 2020.

[40:53] Brandy gives a peek into her’s and Mike’s ‘vision talks.’

[44:32] What does it mean to ‘get over yourself?’ Brandy and Mike share their ‘get over yourself’ lessons.

[50:42] Pam congratulates Brandy and Mike for all the work that they’ve done and thanks them for joining the podcast!


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