This is episode 2 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.


This episode, Pam gets deep and answers several burning #AskPam questions around the topics of how to materialize your dreams, the best advice she’s ever received, how to overcome fear, and what to do if you feel like you don’t deserve the opportunity you’ve been given. She gets real and raw and shares her advice about these limiting beliefs.


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Key Takeaways

[:32] Kicking off the show with an #AskPam question! “When you are taught not to dream as a child, how do you learn to do that now?” How to materialize your dreams.

[3:35] Pam’s second question: “What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received that’s made the biggest impact on your life?”

[5:07] Pam answers “How do you overcome fear?” by explaining how she looks ‘fear’ in the face and how she manages to overcome it.

[7:29] “What would you say to me if I felt like I don’t deserve this opportunity? That I feel like I was put on my team to be their cheerleader, but not an equal successor?”

[9:56] Getting real and raw on the topic of fear and limiting beliefs.


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