This is episode 73 of the Pam Sowder Podcast, with your host, Pam Sowder! Pam has over 2 decades of field and corporate experience and was voted one of the most influential women in direct selling. She helps match the daily needs of distributors to everyday life challenges.


Pam is super excited about today’s guest, Eri Vincent! Eri has been doing Pam’s makeup for many, many years. You may already know her as she often appears in Pam’s LIVEs to glam her up! Eri is a makeup artist (who also styles hair) and has been in the industry for 15 years now. She has an incredible passion to help all women look and feel their best through the power of fantastic makeup, amazing skincare, and incredible hair.


Want to know how to get your face done in record time and look amazing?! Tune in — because, in this episode, Eri is sharing her unbeatable makeup tips for moms in a hurry, the most useful makeup and hair tools to completing a look, and some incredible pieces of wisdom on how to improve your self-image and boost your confidence!


Key Takeaways

[:31] About today’s episode!

[:55] Pam welcomes Eri to the podcast!

[1:20] How Pam originally discovered Eri.

[1:44] Eri speaks about her background in the makeup industry and how she got her start.

[2:55] How Eri went from indifferent to makeup when she was younger to have an incredible passion for it!

[3:50] How did Eri get started with her business? What was the process?

[4:43] Eri shares all of the cool experiences she’s gotten to be a part of so far!

[5:30] What’s the deal with working with celebrities? Do they have hair and skin just like us?!

[6:02] How did Eri gain the confidence that she has?

[6:50] Eri gives some incredible examples of how to do your makeup for a quick daytime look!

[8:18] How important are makeup brushes?

[9:45] What brush should we use for powder?

[10:08] Why is toner so important in a good skincare routine?

[11:09] How often should we exfoliate our skin?

[11:28] How important is it to treat the skin around the eyes vs. the rest of the face differently?

[12:16] What is a primer and why should we use it?

[13:06] Why is it nicer to use a longer-handled makeup brush?

[14:00] Eri walks through the steps of putting on makeup in the correct order.

[15:38] Can contour be simple? How do we do it?

[16:40] When should we put on concealer?

[17:36] Blush: cream vs. powder!

[19:10] What is highlighter? And where should we put it?

[19:38] Eri gives a simple tip for doing lips!

[20:10] Eri’s favorite drugstore mascara!

[20:45] How long should your daytime makeup routine take?

[21:21] How did Eri get so good at styling hair?

[21:49] What is Eri’s go-to hair tool?

[33:06] What’s trending for hair right now?

[22:44] What does mousse do? How does it help the texture of the hair?

[23:59] Can Eri tell immediately when a woman she works with has a low self-image?

[24:34] What can we do every day to boost our self-image?

[25:16] What’s a good updo look for hair when we’re on the go?

[26:26] What can we do with our hair if it’s short?

[26:50] What are some common makeup blunders Eri often sees when she’s out and about?

[28:10] What eyeshadow colors you should wear depending on your eye color!

[29:12] How can we look effortless when we’re going about our day?

[30:06] Eri offers some final pieces of wisdom.

[30:55] Pam offers some final pieces of wisdom as well!


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