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Become the Rich Girl You Were Meant to Be

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Do you desire to be the rich girl—the girl who has a loving family, heartfelt friendships, a thriving business, the happiness of living a full and enriched life?

She’s inside of you waiting to come out.

She’s made the decision to stand in her power and knows who she is and what she has to offer, abandoning the thoughts of unworthiness and uncertainty.

The Rich Girl is aware of her true self.   She’s discovered her desires and who she is becoming. She evolves through life empowered, confident and undeterred.  She is creating the life of her dreams every day.

Being rich is possible for everyone.  How do I know this?  Because I have helped thousands become this girl from every walk of life.

Yes, really.

So, what’s stopping you? Oh, the Poor Girl.

She’s that other voice. The one that tells you that you can’t have what you desire.

That you won’t be able to do that. Be that. We all know her well.  She was once inside of me too.

The Poor Girl is what keeps you stuck.  She wants to change but finds herself starting and stopping. She’s uncomfortable with herself in ways that she is sometimes not even aware of.  The Poor Girl often feels overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy, guilt and thinks this might just be the best it’s gonna get. She’s grown up with certain beliefs that she wants to let go of, however, her inner voice of conviction and condemnation is so strong that she continues to go backwards in life.

The Tipping Point

You know you’re ready to become a Rich Girl when…

You no longer like being comfortable feeling so uncomfortable in your own life and maybe even in your own body.

You don’t recognize yourself anymore – mind, body and spirit.

You are unsettled with the realization you’ve given up on yourself in so many ways.

You start to become aware of where you’re at and take responsibility.

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10 Takeaways from RGPG

1. Learn the difference between rich and poor and why so few people become rich
2. Rediscover your passions and your ‘why’
3. Learn how to rekindle and fuel that inner belief in yourself
4. Get over those feelings of lack and unworthiness
5. Recognize and silence your inner bully
6. Develop a strong and healthy money mindset
7. Find the answers to ‘how’ in the ‘doing’ and empower yourself to overcome any obstacle
8. Challenge many of the beliefs you were raised on about money and even how you view yourself and your body.
9. Learn how to teach your children to live rich and how that will shape their future more than school, where they live, and what they can/can’t afford
10. Discover how working from home can be a permanent solution and how residual income will set you free and make your job work for you, not work for a J.O.B.

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